Life update

Its been a little while since I last updated everyone who bothers to read this, so I figured better late than never, right?

I’ve been trying to write this for roughly 2 weeks and it will more than likely take me hours, if not a couple of days to write the update and I’ll explain why in a moment, but first, as some of you may know, I had surgery last December and I had my last post-op check up on the 2nd of October. I’m recovering well and have finally been discharged. The week after (8th) I had a pre-op appointment to get a hysterectomy and I will be going into surgery again this December. I must really have a thing for timing surgeries for around Christmas. So that is one of my biggest pieces of news.  Now, back why it will definitely take me way too long to write this- I’ve finally come off my anti-depressants. For anyone who might not know, I was on Sertraline for a year due to many different factors in my life and whilst it helped me massively over a little bump, I felt it was time to stop depending on them (although theres nothing wrong with that!). So, starting in August, I began weaning myself off (I got my gps permission- anyone considering coming off meds, ALWAYS get a professionals permission). 6 days ago, I finally ran out of tablets (yay!), but now I am having very bad withdrawal symptoms, which are leaving me exhausted and struggling, hence why it might take me absolutely ages to write a quick update.

Anyways, that’s pretty much everything thats been going on with my lately, other than my ongoing visa quest which is at a standstill and is beginning to infuriate me, but theres not an awful lot I can do other than joke about it- if I don’t laugh I will cry.

Near future quests include going to London to see my friend, visit the British library, Tate gallery (last time I visited the Tate I was exhausted and hadn’t eaten in 24 hours, so honestly I don’t even remember what I saw), hopefully get in a few photoshoots- if I don’t manage to get portraits, I am definitely going to be visiting Canary Wharf at night and photograph the hell out of it; and go to yet another protest.

Another future quest is my ongoing struggle to get a job that I don’t completely hate. PLEASE someone remind me when I do finally move, that I never want another job in hospitality, its slowly draining the ever loving life out of me.

Honestly not a lot more is going on, I’m living a very slow, boring, yet oddly exhausting (yay depression!!) life.

As predicted, this took me 3 days to write.

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I PROMISE there will be a new post next week about my trip to London because honestly a trip to London is the most exciting thing to a Northern boy.

  • Alex

2 weeks over

If you read my last post then you’ll know I visited my parter in New York for the past 2 weeks. You may also know that I have been endlessly applying for jobs there, so far unsuccessfully, but hopefully luck will strike and I’ll be in the state where my heart seems to belong.

Over the next few days, I will be suffering from jet lag but I will hopefully pick up motivation to post the photos I took- I kinda regret taking them on film now!

However, here’s a quick selection of the photos I took on my phone

The flight
NJ Renaissance faire
NJ Renaissance faire
View from the top of the intrepid
Alices tea shop chapter 2
The highline
Hudson yards, NYC
The highline
Hudson yards, NYC
The color factory
NYC public library
NYC public library
NYC public library

I hope you enjoyed this quick selection of photos (I know they’re far from professional, phone cameras SUCK!)

I can’t wait to post my actual photos.

A new update will be coming very soon, lots of exciting things are happening right now.

Thankyou for reading this jet-lagged, exhausted post- I hope you enjoyed it.


  • Alex

Returning to New York

In 2016, I made my first solo trip to New York. Everyone thinks I’m so brave for going alone when I’d never been on a plane before, but people have done FAR braver things! stepping off the plane was in no doubt the most overwhelming thing I had ever experienced. Everything was huge and so different to home- compared to there I lived in a tiny town. Two weeks passed, I visited plenty of places around the city and also had a trip to Washington DC.

3 years later, I have had my next trip booked since October and fly out there in May. Honestly, I never thought I’d make it back there, or at least not for another 2 week stay. I know I sound like a stereotypical British kid here, but I truly can’t wait to get back to the best place I have ever visited and I really do aspire to move there- the opportunities feel endless.

Anyway! I’ve been re-editing some of my old photos ahead of this trip because the memories make me so happy and I also wanted to see how much my editing skills have improved over 3 years (they’re unsurprisingly A LOT better). I’ve chosen to post 3 of NY and 3 of DC (so many 3’s!) I look forward to recreating and taking better photos this time- it wouldn’t be a holiday if you don’t taken a million photos!