Life update 15/12/19

Its been a while. Honestly I forgot, I’ve been super focused on sending out my daily doodles (if you wanna receive them there’s still time, just sign up to my mailing list). Anyway, I thought on my first real day off in quite a while (working a day job alongside photography is a pain), I’d update yall on stuff thats going on.

My life really isn’t interesting so apologies already. As I said, I’m sending out daily positive doodles for the festive season as I know it can be difficult for people for many different reasons and it may be their only reason to smile that day. You can still sign up to receive them in the sidebar (or bottom of the page if you’re on mobile)

one of the doodles sent.

Other than that, i’ve really only been working my ass off to be able to afford moving- its started going surprisingly well, so i’m ever so slightly concerned.

Another big bit of news is that on the 19th December, I am going to be getting surgery, so im out of action again this Christmas- its basically a new tradition. However, this means that after Wednesday, I won’t be sending anymore parcels for a couple of weeks, whilst I recover, unless I ever so nicely ask my mum or brother to mail them (who knows?). This also marks the beginning of a new photography project documenting my trans-ness. Probably the last very personal one I do as I’ll have nothing left to say about myself after this. I will continue my works about trans people, theres still a lot to fight for and to be said about the trans experience in general! I just won’t really have any new big milestones to make.

I hope you enjoyed this real quick update, told you i’m not interesting in the slightest.

Thanks for reading



New Store Update

Hello its me again with a quick update (I am sorry Im bad at updating this blog, I live the very uneventful life of an unsociable, work orientated student).

As some people may have noticed, or maybe Im just tooting my own horn thinking people care, I have upgraded my site! I finally took the plunge and invested into making a website I am super proud of with an integrated store that isn’t Etsy!

It feels like a very exciting time at the moment, I’m in the penultimate month of uni (both TERRIFYING and EXCITING), applying for jobs in New York to further my career as a photographer (and to live closer to my partner) and trying to earn money from doing something I truly love and have a passion in.

So, without sounding like a beg, if anyone wants to support me at all, please feel free to buy something from my store, everything super personalised and currently on sale because they’re old stock, but still something I am so so proud of. If you cant support me in that way, ko-fi is a good shout! Equally, sharing my stuff is AMAZING and so so SO appreciated.

ps. I am planning on having “visiting creators” showcasing their work on my store/ blog, so if you’re interested, please contact me via contact to enquire.

As always, thankyou for your support,