Top 10 creators

This is going to be a very quick post, but I’ve realised I don’t seem to really post on my site which creators I love and who inspires me, so here goes, a list of my top 10! (with links cos what’s the point if I don’t give you access to their content)

  1. Anastasia Tasou She creates the most wonderful line art work. She’s really taught me how to not give a damn what others think of your work and to create things that you want to create. She also creates the cutest self help zines & will do custom tattoo designs.
  2. Travis Alabanza They’re a wonderful poet- their words are in my experimental video! They’re also currently touring with a theatre show called “burgerz” that (without giving too much away) is about the transphobia that they face.
  3. Neil Hilborn He’s another poet! He writes about mental health and every poem of his brings out she kind of intense emotion. You’ve probably already seen his work before, but he definitely deserves a place on this list!
  4. Fox Fisher Fox is a non binary creator, who creates videos with “my genderation” as well as their own solo political art. They are one of my main inspirations for any of my political projects- they’re truly a great person.
  5. Rinko Kawauchi Inspired 90% of my photographic aesthetic, from cool tones to very light and airy lighting and square format. I’m very thankful that I found her work, it truly resonates with me.
  6. Amber Ive followed Amber on instagram for a long time and for real whenever I see her work my jaw drops. Her witch vibe rooms and nature drawings are stunning and I definitely wish I could live inside her art!
  7. Ksenia Zim Is another creator who’s work makes my jaw DROP. I could only imagine in my wildest dreams being as good at embroidery as they are. Their Aurora Borealis embroidery is just amazing.
  8. Percy Moon Percy’s one of my closest friends and his art is stunning! Honestly if I had the funds I would definitely buy everything that he’s created!
  9. The obscure Collective This is the collective I was a part of for my end of year exhibition and everyone in this collective inspires me in a different way. We all achieved so much and I couldn’t have asked for a better group of classmates.
  10. Craftywhitemice My last person who inspires me is my mum! I love being around her when she’s creating things and she definitely reminds me where I get my creativity from!


The list could go on for ever, but I’ll stop here! Be sure to check out the people listed, they deserve so much appreciation

The future

“What will the future hold?”,

Something I have been thinking about a lot lately.

My degree is coming to a quick end, my job search has began, but the spiralling of my student life ending is sending me into an abyss of panic.

Now, I know we don’t know what the future holds for us,

Hindsight is a wonderful thing,

But in this case, the torment of not know what comes next is ripping me apart; slowly.

“Everything will work out”,

Something I constantly keep being told, by people who have all the best intentions.

I know they’re trying to ease my nerves and I can’t thank them enough for that,

But, the feeling of hopelessness and job rejection is ripping me apart; slowly.

Perhaps, my ambitious dream will become a reality- who really knows,

What I do know though is I am struggling with the thought of being stuck in limbo after university.

So, what is this dream?

You may or may not be asking- probably the latter.

I’m wanting to move to NYC, to rocket my creative career, be closer to my partner and to have a new start.

Over the last year, I’ve been coming to the realisation that honestly there isn’t much for me in the UK other than trauma and bad memories.

I don’t want to live with that kind of negative energy- I need a fresh start, where hopefully I make less mistakes.

I can hear peoples thoughts, telling me I’m not going to make it, I am not good enough or worthy enough,

I’m trying not to listen, I’ve blocked out everyone.

Perhaps I’m not going to make it, but I’d rather try and fail than not try at all.

My dreams are ambitious but no one knows if I’ll fail,

Not even me.

We don’t know what the future holds for us,

Hindsight is a wonderful thing.


I thought I’d try something a lil different to output some of the major anxieties I’m having lately and the fear that leaving university brings me. Hopefully everything will work out. I hope it works out for you too! Anxiety sucks, but with the right support, you can make it through most things.