I’ve been creating poetry from the book “the worlds 20 worst crimes”. It came about from thinking about how people often romanticize or have an obsession with murders (the most recent I an think of is Ted Bundy) so I used the pages of their horrific crimes and created romantic/uplifting poems. They all feel slightly sinister- you’d expect this from pages out of a book describing murders! I feel it speaks about how as a society we are so interested in murders and giving them air time etc and are desensitized to their crimes. We kind of gasp and “send our prayers”, but we dont stop watching, we want to know all the gory details. But why?

Ripping these pages out of the book felt so satisfying, kind of like I’m taking away a part of their treacherous story, giving them less fame. Murders seem to be so well documented and given so much fame.

As society, we are infatuated with disasters.