The importance of LGBTQ+ History month

You may or may not have already heard that February is LGBTQ+ History month. I hope you have and I hope that wasn’t from the cesspit of people who complain that “the LGBTs don’t need their own history month”; because we do and here’s why (from a queer trans person (me)).

Throughout school, I was never taught LGBTQ+ history. Not even about some of the most talked about; Alan Turing and Marsha P. Johnson. I never learnt about stonewall or lack of LGBTQ+ rights in England (never mind the rest of the world!)

LGBTQ+ history month teaches our history that has been erased and silenced. Every year, I learn something new about my own history, I see more and more amazing things that queer people have accomplished- things that are so often not mentioned, or have been changed to fit a cis-het narrative.

It is beyond important for us to talk about the fact these people are LGBTQ+ alongside what they have done to make history. So many LGBTQ+ youths are put down constantly, bullied, told we’ll never amount to anything. Seeing people like us making a difference brings hope to an otherwise potentially  hopeless future. We know that despite the hateful comments, homophobia and transphobia, we can accomplish whatever we choose even if there is barriers in our way.

We also get to pay homage to those we lost, who were ridiculed despite being amazing, we lost to discriminatory healthcare or who’s identity was hidden.

I hope for a day we don’t need a month and our history is taught readily and celebrated in the same way other history is. LGBTQ+ folk deserve to be inspired constantly. We deserve to be celebrated.

This post isn’t to necessarily teach you anything- theres plenty of sources this time of month that sum up our history a whole lot more eloquently and succinct than I can. I’ll link them here!

Thanks for reading and I hope this sheds some light on the importance of teaching LGBTQ+ history. We just want to be remembered.

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