Recent trips where I’ve proved i’m the worst photographer

If you read my last post, you’ll know exactly what trip this is referring to, but if you haven’t, what are you doing? Read my last one HERE. 

Read to the end of this one for a fun announcement.


Right, so now you’ve read my last post, you know I visited London this weekend, a truly magical, yet terrifying place for a small Northern boy with crippling anxiety. Some how, despite visiting a fair few times over the last year, I still wander around the city with my mouth open taking in the stunning architecture, the street art and just general liveliness that is London. Yet, I’ve never taken a photo of the place (other than snapchat, instagram stories or my phone camera), but this time I was determined to take photos on my Canon so that I could say I have done photography around the city. I packed THREE cameras, my DSLR, my SLR and my polaroid. I would definitely get a photo on each. Oh, how wrong I was. My DSLR was completely unused, other than a couple of photos in my Airbnb (not quite the big city), my polaroid was completely untouched and I took a few on my SLR which I now need to develop, but there was only about 3 photos taken on my first night in Canary Wharf. I did, however, go to Camden market with 3 cameras and returned with 4- I finally have a fully manual 35mm film camera! I intend to use this a fair bit, but I am also wary about getting it developed and scanned by a complete stranger, I need my developing control back again!




I suppose I’ll upload the film photos when I get round to developing them! (and if they’re not complete trash)


On to my next trip, where I proved I am in fact the worst photographer. The day I came back from the South, I travelled to Whitby, a place known for its beauty, the sea and vampires- pretty fitting for Halloween week. I decided no to the DSLR, I wanted to take photos on my brand new (Second hand) 35mm camera. I didn’t have any film, but maybe I’d find some along the way? I didn’t, so I carried a heavy camera with me all day that was unusable. That was fine though, I’ll take some photos on my Digital, oh WAIT, my dumb ass chose not to take it, so I suppose its another day of no photography- oops.

I took a couple of photos on my phone, but it wasn’t fast enough most of the time to capture the relentless, crashing waves and I definitely regretted not taking my camera.



So what to take from this- I am unintentionally  the worst photographer and I really need a kick up the butt to take the right equipment and I also need to stop being so stubborn. However, both were lovely trips, so I can’t complain too much!


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Thank you for reading, I appreciate you a whole bunch!!


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