Becoming a graphic designer

Recently Ive been thinking: on any of my job application forms where it asks if I have graphic design experience, I tick “no” but I do. I realised that throughout high school I studied graphic design for a couple of years and I just disregarded it as experience because I’ve barely used it since.

So, in attempt to refine my graphic design skills, I’ve decided to utilise Youtube tutorials. I always forget that youtube is the PERFECT place to learn new skills for free- especially when it comes down to adobe programs.

In May, I decided to try to learn adobe dimensions and jeez I was terrible at it. I spent about 3 hours on the program, got no where with creating anything and quite frankly, was ready to put my head through the wall. However, recently I realised that Youtube isn’t just good for watching commentary Youtubers slag off the likes of Zoella (though, it is entertaining) and decided to find out how on earth to use the program I had been ridiculously stumped on. Behold, I now know the basics of adobe dimensions and can create super basic 3D models (exhibited below, using just stuff already saved on my laptop)

3D test.png

Watch out graphic design world, when I work out how to use illustrator it’s over for y’all.


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