Hours left to go

Exhibition finished. Final module finished. Degree completed.

Holiday well earned.

The countdown begins; the last few hours before I leave to NY from the UK.

Today has been surprisingly productive as I’ve ran around like a headless chicken packing a suitcase, back pack and cleaning my house before I leave for 2 weeks. Maybe I need to go on holiday more often so my house gets a good spring clean!

So, let’s start in chronological order (that definitely makes more sense than jumping about). On Monday I began exhibition prep, painting walls, filling gaps and sanding filler. I am definitely not cut out for DIY and decorating- I will definitely have to hire someone in the future- it was EXHAUSTING. This took 2 days (who needs the gym when you can have arm day, painting). On Wednesday I began hammering the nails in the wall and sticking my captions up. Again, I am NOT to be trusted with a hammer, some how I completely missed a nail and my finger made a lovely crunch sound. However, I managed to get everything set up, on the wall and looking great.

Heres a quick sneak peek!

Now that that’s done, it’s time to unwind and enjoy the break I more than deserve. This semester I have proven myself to be determined and able to do things that 3 years ago I would have thought was impossible. I have never been so proud of myself. The sleepless nights and tears were more than worth it to see my work on display- just the opening night to survive now!

Anyway, at the time of writing this there is exactly 7.5 hours till I start my long journey to NYC. I have been awake too long, travel anxiety is kicking in, but I know once I’m there it will be as much of a surreal experience as it was last time.

I have my Spotify playlists downloaded, a poem book: “the sun and her flowers- Rupi Kaur”, a notebook for any sketches/thoughts and my switch to keep me company on my flights and the thought that in only a few hours I will be hugging my partner and all my worries will disappear.

I may or may not go mia for the 2 weeks I’m gone, but who knows, what I do know though is I have 5 rolls of 35mm film and they will be full of the most wonderful photos when I arrive back in the UK.

Be prepared for new stuff soon and the exhibition reveal!


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