New Store Update

Hello its me again with a quick update (I am sorry Im bad at updating this blog, I live the very uneventful life of an unsociable, work orientated student).

As some people may have noticed, or maybe Im just tooting my own horn thinking people care, I have upgraded my site! I finally took the plunge and invested into making a website I am super proud of with an integrated store that isn’t Etsy!

It feels like a very exciting time at the moment, I’m in the penultimate month of uni (both TERRIFYING and EXCITING), applying for jobs in New York to further my career as a photographer (and to live closer to my partner) and trying to earn money from doing something I truly love and have a passion in.

So, without sounding like a beg, if anyone wants to support me at all, please feel free to buy something from my store, everything super personalised and currently on sale because they’re old stock, but still something I am so so proud of. If you cant support me in that way, ko-fi is a good shout! Equally, sharing my stuff is AMAZING and so so SO appreciated.

ps. I am planning on having “visiting creators” showcasing their work on my store/ blog, so if you’re interested, please contact me via contact to enquire.

As always, thankyou for your support,


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