Revisiting my photographic roots

When I began university in 2016, finding out I was able to process and hand print colour negatives was beyond exciting. I had spent 2 years prior processing my own black and white negatives and printing them and only dreamed of being able to do colour- it was suddenly becoming a reality.

I had a camera that hadn’t been used since I was 12 that still had a roll of colour film in it. It had taken years of wondering what I might find on the film for me to FINALLY buy new batteries for it and find out. Unfortunately there was none- I was hoping for old memories to resurface, but it wasn’t the end of the world.

Getting the camera working again made me think about creating new memories using the methods I used as a child, with the equipment that was available to me as a child. So I reloaded some film and visited my favourite place in the North East of England- the beach!

Ever since I watched Submarine, a few years ago, I fell utterly in love with the aesthetic and nostalgia of the movie and instantly I could see how these photos had a very similar feeling.

Revisiting the camera that I used as a child to take photos of my dog, school residential trips and family felt so refreshing. It is always refreshing to have a project that isn’t stressful and to a strict deadline, aesthetic and theme. I’ve been realising recently, self-care projects are so important. Yes, I love everything I create, but going back to create something that doesn’t matter if it goes wrong and it doesn’t matter if its ever shown to the world, is so personal and so lovely.

So as a note to anyone reading this- Do a self-care project, right now, you’ll feel amazing inspired afterwards!

Find this full project HERE

Thanks for reading!

Alex Costin

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