Returning to New York

In 2016, I made my first solo trip to New York. Everyone thinks I’m so brave for going alone when I’d never been on a plane before, but people have done FAR braver things! stepping off the plane was in no doubt the most overwhelming thing I had ever experienced. Everything was huge and so different to home- compared to there I lived in a tiny town. Two weeks passed, I visited plenty of places around the city and also had a trip to Washington DC.

3 years later, I have had my next trip booked since October and fly out there in May. Honestly, I never thought I’d make it back there, or at least not for another 2 week stay. I know I sound like a stereotypical British kid here, but I truly can’t wait to get back to the best place I have ever visited and I really do aspire to move there- the opportunities feel endless.

Anyway! I’ve been re-editing some of my old photos ahead of this trip because the memories make me so happy and I also wanted to see how much my editing skills have improved over 3 years (they’re unsurprisingly A LOT better). I’ve chosen to post 3 of NY and 3 of DC (so many 3’s!) I look forward to recreating and taking better photos this time- it wouldn’t be a holiday if you don’t taken a million photos!

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