Quick Exhibition update

I feel like I haven’t written anything in a while (that’s because I haven’t, oops), but I’m writing now and thats all that counts, right? Anyway, I have a real quick update and an uplifting message will pop up somewhere I hope!

So, as some of you may know, I’m currently working on my final year degree exhibition. Honestly I never thought I’d be so excited about this. I’m almost completely anxiety free about it, but that means something will definitely (probably) go wrong to send me into a meltdown, but for now I am the most content with my degree than I have been over the entire 3 years.

This year I have proven myself to be very persistent in perusing a more political stance within my photography, focusing mostly on trans people and the unfair media representation, so it only felt right to do this for my exhibition too. I mean if I’m finally leaving the university I might as well leave some final trans education for people to think about.

I think I am almost done the entire thing, other than the printing, final editing and captions but that will hopefully be easy enough. This year I have worked so hard and it’s all really paid off so far and even though I have next to no free time (hence why no blog post) I am truly feeling like I’m living up to my potential- although I’m not half looking forward to my well deserved holiday in May. Throughout everything I have done this year I have been SO stubborn with the end products of my projects because of my summer epiphany of always creating things for me, not the people around me and again, by some miracle it has worked.

Basically, for the positive message I am trying to communicate, creativity can be difficult, but with “hard work”- creativity shouldn’t feel like work, really, and a bit of stubbornness about your vision, you really do create your best things. This year I am thankful that I escaped a toxic environment and made it into a loving one that has really allowed me to flourish, so everyone- eliminate the toxicity that is holding you back! You are worth more than that!

This was a lil bit of a ramble, but a quick little update felt like a good idea, whilst I have the time!

Remember, you can contact me at: contact and I will more than happily get back to you/ you can find me on social media! I’ll get back to you straight away and if I don’t, please just keep bugging me, I don’t mind!

Hope to update y’all soon,


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