Alex Costin

Queer Photographer and Art Creator

Hello! I’m Alex Costin, a photographer based in Yorkshire, UK. I have been an active photographer since 2014 and have made a wide array of projects within this time. I mostly work with 35mm film or a Sony A7II. I graduated from The University of Sunderland in 2019 with a First class (hons) in Photography, video and digital imaging.This is my official website.Contact me for any enquiries!

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About Alex

Hello, I'm Alex!I'm a Photographer, Retoucher and Art creator.
My website is a collection of some, but not all of my works, showing a range of portrait, fine art and landscapes. All of my photography is either digital, or 35mm film. More of my work can be seen on my instagram or Facebook.
In 2019, I graduated Sunderland University with a First Class Honours in Photography, Video and Digital imaging and I was also awarded an Ede and Ravenscroft Prize for excellence.Throughout my career I have achieved many things:The Obscura Collective ExhibitionExhibition interviewSunderland Echo InterviewWhat is creativity? InterviewConsortium's LGBTQ+ IDAHOBiT ExhibitionI currently sell prints on Etsy and offer services such as photoshoots, retouching and graphic design.

Plain text Prices

On Location Photoshoots
Starting from only £50!
Price includes:
- Base editing
- 40 photos digitally sent to you
- 1 A4 Print
-1 hour shoot
Additions include:
- Extra editing (skin smoothing, graphics etc) £20
- Travelling
-Extra A4 prints £15 each
-A5 prints £10 each
Additional hour
- Cosplay
- Family
-Special occasion
50% off for Trans people!Event Photoshoots
Starting from only £200!
Price includes:
- Base editing
- 60 photos digitally sent to you
- 1 A4 Print
- 6 hours shoot
Additions include:
- Travelling
-Extra A4 prints £15 each
-A5 prints £10 each
- Photobook £60
- Weddings
- Christenings
- Events
50% off for Trans people!The Boring Bit- Each shoot requires a 50% deposit and is non refundable.
- Travelling is included in base price for Yorkshire. Travelling further is an extra 50% of my travel (this will be discussed in advance).
- Bookings must be made a month in advance.
Trans discount applies to anyone who identifies under the trans umbrella.
- I reserve the right to decline a shoot if I do not want to partcipate.
- I am willing to discuss payment plans/ sliding scales, but the full price must be fully paid before the shoot.
- If you would like a studio shoot, extra prices can be discussed.
- All photos will be available within 5 days of the shoot, but prints and books will take longer to arrive.
- If you have other requirements including accessiblity needs, we can discuss this beforehand.
- You must be 18+ to book a shoot or be accompanied by an adult that is 21+.
Contact for quotes, bookings and info.

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